Meet the Pack

Our Story:

In March 2017 we united as one.

Our pack first consisted of Me (Monike), Max and Luna but in March 2017 we were on a bike ride and found a cute little puppy at the Hout Bay Harbour in Cape Town. She was abandoned and left with only a snuggly blanket in a box. We knew we had to take her to find her a good home so we rode back to our den with the little fluffs in my bike jacket. It only took us 2 minutes at home to realise that this little fluff bucket was going to be ours.

7 months later with eight paws, four feet, lots of adventure, mischief and courage, we decided to share our experiences with you!

The Pack:

The Alpha – Luna

• Adventurous • Friendly • Independent • Likes Swimming • Loyal

Likes: Playing fetch, gathering bones, sitting in water, disappearing on hikes and howling with ambulance sirens.

Dislikes: Getting brushed and bringing her ball back after catching it.

Little Luna

The Beta – Max

• Dog Person • Good sense of humour • Handy • Loves the outdoors • Natural Cook

Likes: Building anything from birdhouses to desks, thinking of new food ideas, playing PC games, cuddles and hiking.

Dislikes: A boiling hot day with no wind. Gherkins.


The Scout – Octavia

• Genius • Hunter • Noisy • Playful • Snuggly

Likes: Poking you with a ball in her mouth, learning new tricks, barking at anything and everything, licking walls and whining for attention.

Dislikes: Being alone.

Little Octavia
VIRB Picture

The Pup Watcher – Monike

• Ambitious • Animal Lover • Bookworm • Computer Whiz • Virtuoso

Likes: Watching documentaries, arts and crafts, taking photos of the pups, going on holiday and playing PC games.

Dislikes: Being woken up from afternoon naps.