The Eighth Blue Moon

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Newlands Forest

04 February 2018

I must say that what I have learn’t from going places with our dogs, is to always have your camera ready because:

  1. Dogs are fast: You could miss the best shot if your camera isn’t on and in your hands ready to take a picture.
  2. Murphy’s Law: Sometimes when you have the camera ready, your pups are just casual but the minute you put your camera away; your pups become models and every moment looking at them is a shot you wish you could have captured.

On the day of the eighth blue moon – or the day of Octavia, Blue and Luna – the pups and their new best friend Blue (a female Australian Shepard – Husky mix) came together to experience the forest once again.

This was Blue’s first visit to the forest and when we let them all off the leash and rushing into the forest, Blue stayed with the humans as she was a bit hesitant to take off. Little steps first but after a few minutes of walking, she was hanging with the big dogs and leading the way.

The pups first had to take a refreshing dip in the stream before we all crossed the bridge to go deeper into the forest. Luna was one with the water as usual and Octavia and Blue soon caught on.

Man and his best friend

After the dip Luna and Octavia, and of course Blue, took us to the memorable bench where we previously had captured some awesome pictures of the eldest two. We took a rest and had some snacks and doggy treats while we admired the view, the other hikers and their dogs. Our pups greeted all of the other dogs that came past.

Little investigator: Blue

Octavia and Blue instantly became best paw pals and they played with each other as much as they could. Octavia led Blue on a track up a small hill behind us and then down again through some long grass. When they were in front of us, it was  only barks and paws in the air. Luckily Luna could have a good rest from active Octavia for once.

1 (22 of 75).jpg
Look at that leap!

When the dogs were tired and had played enough we waited for a while before packing up and heading home. All in all it was a lovely day out and our pups were just so happy that they had a new best friend, one that they would keep on seeing for as long as they can.

1 (57 of 75).jpg
Drowned out…

“Dogs are like potato chips, its hard to have just one…”

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