Durbanville Canals

30 January 2018

This afternoon Max and I took the dogs for a long walk from our house to the Durbanville canals. We are trying to train them (or should I say, Octavia) to walk obediently on the leash so we walked for about 20 minutes at our own pace. We stopped to let them sniff around and say hi to other dogs that passed by but we tried our best to get them (like I said, Octavia) to not tug while we walk.

A lovely cool breeze swept through our clothes as we walked. It was great as the last few days have been sizzling hot.

When we let them off the leash, we took a waist-height video of the dogs while we walked and watched them explore the greenery.

Biscuits mean tricks and Octavia knows that. She climbed on to a big tree trunk to get the biscuit I was holding in my hand.

Look at that drooling tongue!

After some treats, they took us to the bigger (and more wet) canals. We have been there only once before, but Octavia and Luna sniffed the way. They splashed about in the canals while we stood on the walkway nearby.

Luna is a water lover and she can spend hours in the water, except for the pool (She doesn’t ever want to jump in the pool). As soon as the water became more, she was in before we could follow her with our eyes. She lay in the water and drenched her hair. She even did a little head dance, dipping her chin in the water.

When she got up and out of the water we noticed that all the moss from the canal was making Luna look green. I can guarantee you that we weren’t green with envy but we did think, green or not, that the dogs would definitely lie on our bed when we got home.

The sniffer and the tongue…

After their awesome play time and when we could see that they could only get dirtier and not tiresome at all, we decided it was time to head back. The sun agreed. We gave them a few treats for tricks and called them to us to lead us home.

I think they planned to walk the same for this picture and the trees just followed suit.

Luna was quite comfortable walking in the middle of us on the way back. Octavia however was hoping to go back to that tree trunk just in case she could sneak another treat in.

Smile time! Home time! Dirty paws on the bed time!

Dear followers

If you have any ideas of how to train pups to be calm on the leash do comment below as we would love to give that a go!

Love from Max, Monike and the pups

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