Wet & Wild

Vierlanden Dam

29 November 2017

After work today, the pups looked like they needed to get out so we got ready for a little outing to the dam nearby.

We were really happy when we got there because they have now put up a fence with three gates around the field and dam which is awesome because we feel so much more safer letting Octavia and Luna off the leashes now. We felt secure knowing that our pups wouldn’t end up on the road nearby. Thank you World!

The last time we went, we had to picnic really close to the dam to make sure the pups stayed away from the road.

The dogs led the way as usual and we walked with our cameras in hand behind them.

Luna coming back to fetch us. We do admit that we walk much slower than them.

They ended up in the water swimming after ducks and getting themselves very very muddy. We already know that when we take them to the dam, we can expect a dirty car.


Octavia and Luna were beyond excited to get treats at the dam and as Max pulled out some biscuits, they were already sitting right in front of him with their paws up.


When we got home from our time at the dam, the dogs were wet and decided to run around wildly in the garden. They were filthy.

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