Luna & Octavia Know No Boundaries

Majik Forest

23 November 2017

At 6pm we decided to take the pups out as the previous 2 weeks it was raining again and this evening it was quite warm and the sun was still out. We didn’t want to go too far away so that we could still catch the sunset so we went to a nearby forest called Majik Forest (Commonly known as Magic Forest to the locals). Majik Forest is well-known for their awesome mountain bike trails. Besides mountain bike trails in the sand, we also found some shongololo’s (long black worms) and bird prints.


The dogs led us on the path towards a rock where we sat and had a water break. As Luna had her last lick of water, a few guinea fowls sounded their calls in a tree nearby and flew towards an open field on the other side of a bob wire fence. Luna and Octavia both jumped between the wires and sprinted after the birds. The pups love chasing birds, no matter on land or in water.

The grass is greener on this side…

We called the dogs after a while of taking cute videos of them running after the birds in the field and headed further up the trail. Max threw a few balls for them while we were walking to the top and the pups were beyond happy to be playing ball in the middle of beautiful nature.

They are just the happiest together.

We found a cool mushroom on a log that Octavia stood on and it was a lot of fun to try and get a picture of her. She is a very active pup and gets distracted very easily… Especially when she hears the word “Biscuits”.

Our little model


Once reaching the top, we took a few pictures and met another couple with two beautiful older dogs. They were very friendly and all the pups made use of the moment with lots of sniffs and licks.

We headed back down through another path and halfway down, we turned around facing the top of the hill and took in a beautiful view of the last of the sunset.


It was a lovely evening and we’ll definitely visit the Majik Forest again.

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