Sand & Salt

Melkbos Beach

29 October 2017

We haven’t been to the beach for a while as it’s been wet and rainy for the last few months but summer has definitely arrived. We woke up with the heat coming in through our window and the pups were sleeping on the cool floor.

We had our late morning tea and made a quick decision to head to the beach for the late afternoon. We took a plastic packet with us so that we could pick up some litter on the shore.

Never litter, and do your part to pick up trash you see on the beach, in the park, or on the side of the road. Even when not near a beach, all litter has the potential of being carried by the wind and making its way into our waterways and onto our beaches. Turtles can mistake garbage as food, especially plastic bags and balloons, which look like jellyfish. Garbage in general degrades the health of the beach environment, making fewer suitable places for turtles to nest, feed and live.

After walking along the beach, we found a nice little spot to set up our picnic blanket, dog bowls and snacks.

Luna and her water bowls

We spent our time relaxing, eating snacks and playing ball.

Octavia loves digging up shells and bringing them to us, as well as sniffing for any new smells. Luna loves catching tennis balls and running in the water.

The three females distracted by shells

After 30 minutes of picking up rubbish and filling up our pink plastic bag, we carried on playing on the beach. We found two fur friends that just loved getting head rubs and they sniffed out our pups till they had to leave. We were told that one of our new friends get’s very jealous and if we pet her, she will think that we have chosen her over our pups.

Fur friends

We stayed till just before sunset and left with smiles on all our faces.

You can also help sea turtles, check how you can help at:
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