Eating Treats & Leaving Tracks

Newlands Forest

20 October 2017

Before our trip to the forest, Max and I were planning to order some sushi for lunch but completely forgot about it due to us having to do some daily chores. So as we were heading to the forest, dogs in car, we decided to stop at Foresters Arms Pub and Restaurant for a bite.

Foresters Arms is a dog-friendly restaurant and on arrival, a water bowl was set down next to our table under a tree outside.

Happy dogs = happy life

Max chose the Steak, egg and chips option and I decided to have the Lamb Burger (with no garlic or onion).

After our tasty late lunch, we headed off to the forest and followed a new track into the trees.

Max standing near a tree with many names

The dogs led the way and we stopped on a wide path to have some water and some treats. We stayed there for about 30 minutes while we played fetch with the dogs (this time we brought a ball with) and the pups sniffed around aimlessly.

We left at around 7:15pm and on the way back to the car, the pups stayed as close to us as possible, happy and tired from another one of their woody adventures.


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