Running Through the Ruins

Groote Schuur Zoo

26 August 2017

We heard about these zoo ruins on a YouTube video:

and so we decided to check it out…

The zoo wasn’t too hard to find and when we got there, we noticed it immediately as there was graffiti on all the old buildings and walls. This is something that happens to most ruins and hidden buildings in Cape Town.

The Groote Schuur Zoo was a 2-hectare zoo in Cape Town, South Africa.
Established in 1931 at the request of deceased Cecil Rhodes, it was free of charge and a very popular attraction in Cape Town until its closure sometime between 1975 and 1985.
The pups sniffed everywhere and even managed to find us a small open gate to get into the cages. We walked around with our torches and finally went into the big open area where they kept lions. Luna lay on the grass and I could have sworn she looked like a lion…

The most prominent feature of the zoo is the Lion’s Den, both when it was open and today where it still stands, full of overgrown vegetation.
If you want to know more about the zoo and where to find it, then check out on Wikipedia:

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